Arriving home at 8 or 12 weeks, the puppy will have the basics of potty training and will be socialized with many types of people. What to do when the puppy arrives home?

  • Reassure and give him his own place
  • Give him water and toys to chew
  • Do not bother him when he sleeps
  • Hide anything that could be damaged by its small teeth
  • Teach him what is permitted and prohibited in the house
  • Make an appointment with the vet for the last vaccines and health check
  • Have him meet lots of people and friendly dogs (and cats, rabbits, etc … If you want the puppy to understand that they are friendly animals, not to eat or hunt.
  • Potty train him (praise him and reward him when he relieves himself where you want to, scold him when caught in the house, clean out of his sight, do not scold him if you didn’t see him relieve himself. He will not understand why he is being scolded.
  • Provide short walks the first months (15-20 mins max). After its vaccines, take him to fun activities like nursery for puppies.

The Akita puppies are very cute but as said  one of my dog’s breeder jokingly, they are also ” nasty creatures ”. They will defecate in your house,  they may eat your precious shoes or chair legs but they will also make you love their tenderness and their curious intelligence.

This is a phase to pass and it goes too fast, enjoy!