Akita Inu and American Akita

The Akita Inu (Japanese – AI) is physically different from the American Akita (AA). Their characters are more or less similar. Here is a Youtube video in English that show their main differences:


The AA is more massive and often compared to a bear.

The AI is thinner and is compared to a wolf or a fox.


The AA can have many different colors and coat patterns.

The IA just 3 colors accepted in competition (red and white, brindle and white). Colors variations are accepted like sesame (black coat over the back) and variations of brindle (blue, silver, red …).


AA and AI have roughly the same character. They are independent, dominant and many of them do not like same-sex dogs. They have a lot of willpower, a bad recall and take their own decisions.

They are both hunters and good guard dogs very attached to their family. Finally, they are both quite lazy, you will see an Akita run 50 meters and then go to sleep with a satisfied sigh.


  • AA is more massive
  • AA is possibly a bit more docile
  • AI are often more accepting of other animals than AA if they have been socialized young (but owners must be careful with the dogs of the same sex).