Education and Training – Tips


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Socializing Your Puppy: Why “Later” Is Too Late

Be consistent and coherent

Consult your family and decide together what the puppy will ba able to do or not (access to the sofa, to the bed?). Once everyone has agreed to the limits, stick with them (the whole family has to apply the same rules to the puppy). If you want to yield on one point, then completely remove this limit. Be consistent. For example, don’t let the puppy go on the couch only when you are in a good mood. Allow or don’t allow.

This seems obvious, but we do not always think about it. Consider the behaviors of the puppy that could be a problem later when he will become adult (jumping on people, nipping hard …) and correct them immediately.

The puppy and the family

Each member of the family, according to his ability, should take care of the puppy. Like feed him, take him for a walk, play with him. There is a simple trick that makes life easier: Make your puppy sit before giving him his food and make him wait for our “go” before he go to his bowl. This way, the puppy understands that the food comes from you. With this trick, we never had an issue with food protection.

Also, remember that everything has a price. The puppy should always “work” for a treat. Give an easy order like “sit” or “give paw” before rewarding. To avoid issue with the veterinarian, often handle the puppy and reward him with games and treats (brushing teeth, inspection of legs and ears, brushing).