The puppy first months

0-2 weeks = Neonatal Period

The puppy grows and his brain evolves (increasing neurons). During this period, the puppy eats, defecates and sleeps. He is blind and deaf.

2-3 weeks = Transition Period

The puppy begins to see and hear. He also moves better. At three weeks, he begins to eat solid food.

4-12 weeks = Socialization Period

Learning self-control (control of the bite), playing with siblings under the mother’s supervision. Puppies set up a hierarchy. The breeder can start the socialization phase with other species. Then, the new owner must continue the socialization.

13 to 15 weeks = prioritization Phase

Period where the puppy develops his independence and tests his limits. The master must be firm and consistent.

15 weeks= juvenile period followed by puberty

The puppy loses his baby teeth around 6 months and looks for things to chew to relieve the pain. Give him toys to prevent him from eating your furnitures or shoes. The puppy will reach sexual maturity. He will re-test his limits and will try to redifine/assert his place in the family. Some puppies at this age ignore the orders of their owners and show signs of rebellion.

Do not panic. This is a passing phase that doesn’t last (between 6 and 18 months)