Frequently Asked Questions


Your puppy should not do intensive sport before 1 year (Like running, agility or relay) This may hinder his growth and causes health problems (dysplasia, ligaments problems…). Akita are not very resistant and quickly get bored during repetitive tasks. I know a few Akita that are doing agility, therefore it is possible but it will require probably more efforts than with a Border Collie.

Dog Show and competitions

If you want to participate in dog show or competition in Canada, you can find information on the CKC website and Canuck. Conformation, show, relays, agility …

With other dogs

Relations between Akita and other dogs are sometimes tumultuous. Why? Because Akita are primitive and often dominant dogs. They usually play rough. An Akita will put his paw on the other dog and will want him to submit. This can lead to impressive fights as the Akita acts and reacts quickly.

Until puberty, your Akita will generally be friendly with other dogs, after puberty, everything can change. Your Akita may not stand other dogs anymore or just dogs of the same sex or be as cool as before. It’s a lottery and it depends on the individuals and the socialization work you did with your Akita.

Kira loves puppies and small dogs, plays with friendly dogs but would fight an agressive dog. Mitsumi is quite the contrary, she let herself being bullied and plays with all dogs. Edjiro is the typical male Akita and doesn’t like other males. He is ok with little dogs and specific large dogs.

Other animals

Akita usually get along well with other pets if socialized early with them.


Traveling with your dog In Canada

It can be difficult to travel with his dog. You can find help and resources on multiple websites.


Airbnb – Must be arranged with the host.

Campsites, hotels and national parks sometimes welcome your canine friend.