Akita – Puppy Education

Teaching an Akita is always interesting because it’s a stubborn and smart dog. We learn a lot from our dogs too.

We will talk about the most common issues like separation anxiety, potty training, leash training and playbiting.

Remember that there are multiple ways to educate a puppy but a learning experience should be positive for both puppy and owner.


There are several methods of education. The two best-known and often opposed are the traditional and positive methods. you need to to learn, experiment and see what works best for you. Often clubs offer a free course to experiment their methods. Personally, I think every dog/owner relationship is different, so you have to find the method that works for you and your dog.

After working only with positive reinforcement, we have adopted a mix of both methods with verbal punishment “NO” and random rewards (voice and sometimes treats). Our teacher uses the CYNO method that uses only the voice to reward or punish the dog (no food reward).

It is unacceptable to hit a dog. Moreover, it would be very dangerous with an Akita because they are powerful and proud dogs. I also don’t recommend chokers if you do not know how to use them because Akita have a fragile throat.