Separation anxiety

Puppies can become anxious (cry, howl, destroy) when the person they are referring to is going away.

There are multiple ways to avoid those problems. Here is what we do and has always worked with our 3 dogs. We train our dogs to like the crate and once accustomed to it, we let them alone for short periods of time first, then inscreasingly longer .

Crate training

Never force your puppy to enter the crate. It must be fun and rewarding, not a punishment.

  • Take vacation days when you want to train your puppy
  • Give your puppy his food and treats in the crate
  • Let fresh water available in the crate
  • Put new toys or the puppies’ favorite toys in the crate
  • Let the door open when not using the crate, the puupy must be able to go when he wants to
  • Ask the puppy to enter the crate, close the door for a few minutes, reward and open the door

The cage should always be an enjoyable experience .

Manage absences :

Once the puppy is used to the crate, give him a Kong toy with yogurt and leave the house for 5-10 minutes.

  • Lengthen the time when you are out
  • Don’t forget to give him toys and water
  • Give the Kong only when you let the puppy alone so that when you go out,  it will be it an exceptional moment for him . Now our dogs are happy when we leave them…

Recipes for Kong :

Single ingredient: yogurt , peanut butter ( not too much) , coconut oil ( not too much) , banana, bacon bits … Frozen Kongs are great in summer.

You can find many ideas on the internet and newsgroups for new recipes .

Once the training is over, you won’t need the crate anymore except of your dog loves it.