House Training

Potty training 

The Akita are often housebroken pretty quickly. Kira was completely potty trained at three months and made her nights at two. Mitsumi made her nights at 3 months and had some “accidents” until 4 months.

We got Edjiro at 7 months and he peed everywhere in the house to mark his territory. We had to teach him again from scratch like a puppy and in 2 weeks, he was house trained.

How to potty-train your puppy? Stay calm. Up to 4/5 months the puppy is struggling to hold his bladder. He can also be sick and have diarrhea. It’s not his fault and he is not trying to annoy you. Sometimes he can not physically restrain himself.

The first month, take your puppy out as often as possible wherever you want him to relieve himself. Praise him and reward him and he does outside so he will understand that it is better to relieve himself in the garden for example. If you see him relieve himself in the house, say “NO” and if he stops, then take him outside. If you find pee or poop in the houde, but you didn’t see your puppy relieve himself, clean without saying anything and without him seeing you clean. He could take it for a game. You can put some white vinegar which is a repulsive for dogs.

It’s useless to scold your puppy if you didn’t see him during the fact or rub his nose in the pee afterward. The puppy won’t understand why you are angry and moreover, his pee doesn’t disgut him so it won’t have any effect.

Again, be patient and be consistent.