Leash training

Leash training

If your dog pulls the leash, the first thing you need is to be very patient.

Kira learned pretty quickly not to pull (4/5 months) but it took her 1 year before walking perflectly with a leash and learn the “heel” command. It was a little easier with Mitsumi but for Edjiro, it took a lot of work.

You need to work on it as soon as possible (5 or 10mn per day at the beginning) and take advantage of their lack of strength.

Always reward a good behavior. Usually, a “Good dog” or “Good job” is enough.


Training with our dogs :

  • Take lessons with your dog in a club
  • Stop when the dog pulls, resume the walk when he stops pulling or comes back to you
  • Or for a puppy already trained: Stop when he is pulling, give him the “heel” command and resume walk after a few seconds.
  • Take a long leash or a tether, when the dog pulls change direction (slowly to avoid hurting the puppy) so he will understand that he must keep an eye on you and follow you.


Tools that can help but not mandatory:

This type of harness:


Headcollar :