Nipping and biting

Game and control of the bite

Normally, the puppy should have learned to play and control his bite with his siblings. To continue the education, as soon as your puppy bites or nips you too hard during a game (do not wait to be hurt), screech like a puppy in pain then ignore him. When the puppy is quieter, resume the game. Do not forget to give him toys to chew on! Puppies that are teething are in pain and need to chew. Baby teeth fall around 6 months and are replaced by permanent teeth.

If your puppy is too insistent, put him in a quiet room for a few minutes until he calms down.

Akita communicate a lot with their mouths, so I advise you to accept that he takes your hand or arm  from time to time to communicate but he should never hurt you. If it bothers you too much, it is better to forbid it completely.