About Us and our Japanese Akita

Welcome to Quebec 🙂


This website is dedicated to the Japanese Akita or Akita Inu. You will learn more about the breed, its characteristics and character. We  will give you personal examples and experiences with our dogs as well as general information.

If you want to learn more about the Akita, see the “Links” where many websites and resources are referenced.

My husband and I met our first Akita in Japan. He was playing in a park with his owner in Osaka. Beautiful, majestic and at the same time funny, playful and full of life! I was hooked, I who had never wanted dog, I knew it was the right dog for us.

After doing some research on the breed, I discovered that it was really the perfect dog for us. After returning to Canada, we decided to get our first Akita: Kira. One year after, Mitsumi joined our family and then the latest: Edjiro.

They give us so much joy and laughter that we decided to share this happiness with you. Akita are a wonderful breed and I hope that the information shared here will help you understand them too.